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10 Positions to Tutor in the Module EDC 101 

  • Applicants must be working towards a postgraduate degree in the Faculty of Education.
  • Submitted record of studies must reflect an above 65% achievement (most recent results should accompany your application)
  • Teaching experience will be advantageous
  • Have proven communication skills, with sensitivity to the languages of learning at UWC
  • Be a Positive role model
The Tutor Must:
  • Be familiar with the academic programmes of the university and/or the faculty.
  • Be familiar with the Student Support Services.
  • Show an awareness of Teaching and Learning policies at the university
  • Be able to contribute towards student learning and academic development
  • Show an awareness of appropriate pedagogical practices
  • Be able to manage diversity at an institution of Higher Education

The roles and responsibilities of the successful candidates will include:

  • Dealing with small (less than 30) groups of students
  • Undergo a training programme before they commence duties.
  • Attend lectures of the module that they tutor.
  • Attend meetings with tutor co-ordinator as well as respective lecturers.
  • Facilitate tutorial sessions.
  • Monitor students’ attendance and performance and identify students at risk of failing. 
  • Assess students’ work and give feedback, consult with students and do intervention.
  • Regular student consultation
  • Administrative tasks (Compile reports on attendance, student marks and student progress)

Term report: areas of concern as well as positives 

Please send your application (CV, short letter and supporting documents, e.g. copy of ID, results, letter of recommendation) to Mr Ruben Daniels: OR drop applications at Room E21 (Tutors’ Room in the Education building). Closing date: Friday, 20 January 2017 @ 16h00