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Advertisement for ELD 111 and 211 TUTORIAL POSITIONS AVAILABLE FOR 2017


Positions to Tutor in the Module ELD 111 - 7 Positions to Tutor in the Module ELD 211


  • Candidate must be in possession of a  postgraduate degree 
  • Students  having scored 70% and above for Linguistics  will be considered to tutor the module ELD 111/211
  • The student’s record must reflect an above 60%-65% achievement (most recent results should accompany your application).
  • Have proven communication skills, with sensitivity to the languages of learning at UWC.
  • Be a positive role model.

The Tutor Must:

  • Be familiar with the academic programmes of the university and/or the faculty.
  • Be familiar with the Student Support Services.
  • Have a sound understanding of Teaching and Learning policies at the university
  • Be able to facilitate learning and academic  development
  • Have a sound pedagogical understanding
  • Be able to understand and manage issues of cultural differences.   

The roles and responsibilities of the successful candidates will include:

  • Dealing with small (less than 30) groups of students
  • Undergo a training programme before they commence duties.
  • Attend lectures of the module that they tutor.
  • Attend meetings with tutor co-ordinator as well as respective lecturers.
  • Facilitate tutorial sessions.
  • Monitor students’ attendance and performance and identify students at risk of failing. 
  • Assess students’ work and give feedback, consult with students and do intervention.
  • Regular student consultation
  • Administrative tasks (Compile reports on attendance, student marks and student progress)

Term Report: Areas of concern as well as positives 

Please send your application (CV, short letter and supporting documents, e.g. copy of ID, results, letter of recommendation) to Mr Ruben Daniels OR hand deliver to Room E21 (Tutors’ room in the Education building). Closing date: Friday, 20 January 2017@ 16h00