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Campus Closed on 7 June 2017 (Severe Weather Warning)

Dear Campus Community,

We have received warnings of severe weather conditions from the South African Weather Service, the Western Cape Government, and Disaster Management Services as a result of the storm that is expected tonight and tomorrow. We’ve also received reports that Metrorail has cancelled its services for tomorrow.

After careful consideration, the Executive Management of the University of the Western Cape has taken the decision to close campus for tomorrow, 7 June 2017. This decision is not taken lightly, considering the upcoming examinations.

We encourage Deans and line managers to discuss contingency plans with their staff members, and lecturers with their students, related to continuing to work remotely. Students should be in contact with their academic department or faculty to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that affected classes and work are caught up in time for the upcoming examination period.

We encourage all our staff and students to stay out of danger during the next 24-36 hours.


Prof Vivienne Lawack

Acting Rector & Vice-Chancellor