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Celebrate Graduation Success December 2017

Graduation December 2017: Share Your Story With The World!

This December graduation we’re celebrating the achievements of hundreds of UWC students who will no doubt go on to do great things.

Do you know anyone who’s graduating with an incredible story? Maybe they’re graduating against all odds, or they’ve achieved marks practically unheard of. Or worked on a project that could change the world, or did something so awesome we haven’t even thought of it yet?

Well, the Department for Institutional Advancement wants to hear about it!

IA is compiling graduation stories on UWC students who have excelled academically, or have other notable achievements or noteworthy stories that the rest of the world really should hear about.

UWC is a world-class university that’s dedicated to excellence, producing world-class thinking and research, and impacting society in so many ways - but it’s our graduates that we’re most proud of...and we want the world to know it!

So help us share our graduate successes, support our UWC community, and grow Udubs Pride.

Please note that the Department for Institutional Advancement reserves the right to decide which stories to pursue.

Still here? What are you waiting for?

Contact us at or on 021 959 9566 and share your story today!