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7 May 2020
Clarification Regarding Laptop Devices For Students In Need

(Published - 7 May 2020)

Dear Student

Following the University’s communication about making laptop devices available to students in need, please note for clarification:

  1. The device charge to the student account does not impact any existing NSFAS arrangement for the student. For example, allowances will not be affected by this transaction.
  2. The specifications of the device and accessories are as follows: Lenovo Ideapad / Laptop Bag / LTE Modem / 2-year Warranty Laptop Specs - Ideapad S145 / 15" / 4GB Ram / 500GB Hard Drive
  3. It's a one-package deal. That means a student who opts in for the deal cannot remove the cost of the LTE modem.
  4. The student is liable to pay for the device. The University is raising funds to assist some students with the payment for the device. This is a separate process and will be announced soon. NSFAS has not made funding available for the device.
  5. All queries about the devices are to be directed to the UWC contact centre on 021 959 3900.


Manie Regal (CA)(SA)
Executive Director: Finance and Services