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17 September 2021
CSSS Mental Health Awareness Week Video Submission
Join us in promoting mental health awareness by participating in our PACT to ACT!

The Centre for Student Support Services (CSSS) invites you to create videos showing activities you do to look after your mental health. Do you enjoy nature, spend time on hobbies or find humour – we want to hear from you!

Selected videos will be featured during the UWC Mental Health Awareness Week event on the UWC YouTube channel!

We will be extending the video submission deadline to Monday, 27 September 2021. We hope that everyone will take some time over the long weekend to record and share their videos with us.

TikTok videos, Instagram Reels or just a 15-second recording while doing something you love – all are welcome. Videos must not be longer than 30 seconds.

Upload your submissions on the following link:  

For more information, contact