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Did you know?

The iKamva Statistics eTool allows instructors, lecturers or site owners to get an overview of the site usage statistics and user activity events within a specific module. 

The 1st category focuses on data regarding user ‘Visits’ to the online module; and includes:

  • Total number of site visits.
  • Unique users that visited the site.
  • Users that are members of the current site.
  • Total number and percentage of users that are site members and have visited/and/ or not visited the site.
  • Average time a user stays present on the site (per visit).
  • The ‘Show more’ link will present chart and table views:
  • By date or By user - will group statistics by date or user, respectively.
  • Since site creation, Last 365 days, Last 30 days or Last 7 days - will filter statistics accordingly.
  • Clicking on the chart image will produce a maximised version of the image.
  • Clicking on View complete report will display the full data for the current displayed statistics.

Note: If a user enters/exits the same site multiple times, only one visit will be recorded (i.e. for the specific login date).

**The CIECT team will provide more information regarding the other categories within the Statistics eTool.