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Did you know?

The iKamva Statistics eTool allows instructors, lecturers or site owners to create custom reports on the three categories (e.g. Visits; Events; or eTools) available.  Additional configurations of the report, include the selection of a time period and/or specific users:

  • ‘All Site Users’;

  • A specific ‘Role’/’Group’; or

  • ‘Custom’ selection of users.

The report data can further be configured for a specific module to present the information through the following settings:

  • Number of results: Limit the number of report results.

  • Presentation: Defines how the report will be presented (table and/or chart).

  • Chart type: Defines the type of chart to be presented (bar, pie or time series [line or bar]).

  • Chart data source/Chart series source: Defines the main source of chart data and depending on the type of chart, a specific field can be selected.

  • Grouped by: (Bar chart only) Defines the grouping field for chart data.

  • The report results can be exported as PDF or Excel.

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