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The CIECT Team has designed and developed theDigital Academic Literacy (DAL) Programme. This basic computer literacy programme is offered to 1styear students at UWC (novice users).

The CIECT Team collaborates with Faculty to identify student needs and to design customised lessons. Service Level Agreements (formal agreements) are developed with departments in relation to the ‘customised programme’:

  • EMS: IFS 233 Microsoft Projects - Students are gaining practical experience in project management based on the theory taught in their module. This should prepare them for the working environment.

  • Science: PHA116 Microsoft Excel - The computer literacy program enables students to make use computers confidently from a basic to advance levels. Students are required to use MS Excel in order to solve problems related to their discipline.

  • Science: Physics 111 Microsoft Excel -Students are engaged in the introduction to computers and excel to enable them to do calculations, manage and keep records of their experiments. 

Should you wish to contact the Programme Coordinator to plan and discuss in advance, call ext. 3147 or 2966.