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14 June 2021
Dr Angela van der Berg presented a paper on 'Transitioning Towards Sustainable European Cities: A Law and Governance perspective'

On Monday, 7 June 2021, Dr Angela van der Berg, Acting Director of the Global Environmental Law Centre (GELC) and Senior Lecturer at the University of Western Cape Faculty of Law, presented a paper at the Maastricht University Workshop on 'Transitioning Towards Sustainable European Cities: A Law and Governance perspective'. The Workshop was convened by Maastricht University in partnership with the Globalization & Law Network and the Tilburg Center for Regional Law and Governance (TiREG) at Tilburg University. The workshop aimed at bringing together legal and governance scholars to offer a fresh perspective on the transition to sustainable, as well as smart and inclusive European cities. Dr van der Berg presented on ‘Integrated Approaches to Climate Adaptation Planning in EU Cities – with perspectives from the City of Antwerp (Belgium), City of Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Paris (France). The paper considers the extent to which the identified cities are integrating climate adaptation in their urban planning policies. The three cities each represent different phases and different approaches to integrating climate adaptation into their planning policies. Each city further faces different climate risks and must manage these in terms of varying but complex social, environmental, economic and institutional governance challenges.

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Transitioning Towards Sustainable European Cities Law and Governance Perspective

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