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25 May 2021
DVC: Academic: Africa Day - “The Arts, Culture And Heritage: Levers for Building the Africa We Want”

Dear Campus Community

Today we celebrate the 58th anniversary of the establishment of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), under the theme: “Arts, Culture And Heritage: Levers for Building the Africa We Want”.

The OAU - which eventually became the African Union - was established to promote political, economic and social cohesion and unity between African countries and nations.

It is fitting that celebrations this month, under the sub-theme: “The year of Arts, Culture and Heritage: in the year of Charlotte Maxeke”, pay tribute to South Africa’s first black graduate - a woman who embodied leadership and ubuntu in her fight against discrimination.

Social justice is one of the pillars of the University of the Western Cape, and we strive to celebrate our cultural diversity while ensuring that we work towards building an equitable society.

Just like Charlotte Maxeke, and the countless men and women who have fought for liberation throughout Africa, we too can harness the power of education to unite communities, honour diversity and nurture resilience.

So as we commemorate Africa Day today, let us celebrate the unique culture and heritage that unites us as Africans.

And remember, as Maxeke said: “This work is not for yourselves - kill that spirit of ‘self’ and do not live above your people, but live with them. If you can rise, bring someone with you.” Let us rise together - and happy Africa Day!

Warm Regards,

Prof. Vivienne Lawack
Acting Rector and Vice-Chancellor