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8 June 2020
Entrepreneurship for Change: Allan Gray Fellowship Opportunity

(Published - 8 June 2020)

Dear (Student Name),

The current unemployment rate in South Africa is 29% and growing with the recent global pandemic. However, we at the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation believe that high impact responsible entrepreneurs hold the key for change, and specifically you!

If you believe that you have entrepreneurial potential or have already started to flex your entrepreneurial muscle, then we would like to partner with you to cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset and assist you in becoming a high impact, responsible entrepreneur through our extensive Fellowship programme.

If you are looking for a partner on  your entrepreneurial journey as well as an extensive Fellowship Programme that supports the financial burden of university tuition, on campus accommodation, tutoring and textbook as well as offers you a living stipend, then we would like you to apply.

For more information and to complete the online application, please visit

Applications close on the 30th October 2020!

Good luck!

Yours in entrepreneurship,
The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation