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19 June 2017
Exam Disruptions 19 June 2017 Afternoon Exams Will Continue

Exam Update 19 June 2017: Afternoon Exams To Continue After Morning Disruptions

The University of the Western Cape’s executive management is disappointed by the disruption of several examinations by protesters this morning (19 June 2017).


The examinations which were disrupted have been postponed, and will be rescheduled to be written towards the end of the examination period. Alternative examination dates will be communicated soon.


We do not condone disruptions that prevent students from studying for or writing examinations, and will be employing tightened security measures going forward to preserve their right to do so.


Examinations scheduled for this afternoon will continue as indicated on the examination timeline.


We wish you all the best for your upcoming examinations, and urge you to observe the examination rules below.


Security Measures & Examination Rules


Students will be allowed access to examination venues upon presentation of an official UWC student card (or valid ID / passport / driver’s license). Students without a student card will be checked against SASI to verify eligibility before being granted entry to the venue.


Backpacks and other belongings may be searched before examination entry is granted, and students are encouraged to bring with them only stationary and approved material for open book exams.


Students are to be seated at least half an hour before the commencement of the examination. Please be reminded that, once seated, examination rules apply, and students must adhere to them, and to instructions from invigilators.


Students who fail to do so will be asked to leave the venue, as will students who perform any action that interferes with other students or disrupts the examination in any way.


Security personnel will be present in all examination venues to prevent disruptions and to ensure compliance with the rules as stated.


Should you have any queries regarding exams, please address them to