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The national government, provinces and municipalities, which must play a key

role in development and deepening democracy, face serious challenges: intergovernmental conflicts, maladministration and corruption. This unique masters programme deals with the law, policy and practice of multi-level government in South Africa as well as elsewhere in Africa. It follows a multidisciplinary approach, combining theory with a practical internship of 400 hours in a state institution (the province, municipalities, South African Local Government Association, and Financial and Fiscal Commission, among others).

The one year, full-time programme comprises taught modules, an internship, and a research paper. The modules are -

  • Multilevel Governance
  • Local Government
  • Rule of Law and Good Governance ·
  • Constitutional Design in Divided Societies

Students will be taught and supervised by distinguished scholars and experts in the field, including Professor Nico Steytler (South African Research Chair (SARChI) in Multilevel Government, Law and Policy), Professor Jaap de Visser

(Director Community Law Centre), Dr Derek Powell (Head, Multilevel Government Initiative (MLGI), and Professor Yonatan Fessha.

Applications for the programme should include a full CV, academic record, a motivation letter, and a writing sample. Interviews with short-listed candidates will also be held.


The SARChI Chair offers four prestigious one year bursaries. The Community Law Centre, as a partner of the Centre of Excellence in Food Security, offers an additional bursary. The bursaries, for full-time study on campus, include study fees, a generous monthly stipend, and IT equipment. An application for a bursary may accompany your application for the LLM/MPhil programme. Submission of all applications: 31 August 2015

Send all documents to Ms Valma Hendricks ( For further information, visit our website –, or contact Ms Hendricks

at +27 21 959 3707

Comments by past and present masters students

“The programme is highly recommended for any law, governance, political or public administration enthusiast since it manages to combine law,

governance, public administration, politics and actually succeeds. It is thus a value-adding programme for any graduate.”

“An in-depth, one of a kind multidisciplinary programme in decentralised governance taught by eminent professors and scholars. Worthwhile”.

“This masters has been challenging and yet so rewarding. It is the equivalent to pulling a blindfold off my eyes, and that kind of knowledge is priceless.