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Imbewu Newsletter: What’s new at the GEU

Africa can be a strange place sometimes. What else can be said about a place where 38 countries have declared homosexuality illegal, and gender-based violence is all too common…but a place that still hosts celebrations of diversity and freedom of self-expression like the Cape Town Gay Pride March, or where UWC students create poems and act out plays exploring the meaning of maleness and womanhood? What does it mean to be a student in a world so wonderful and disappointing at the same time?

Well, you can read all about it – and more – in the latest issue of Imbewu, the GEU’s newsletter that’s created for students, by students, and shares students’ unique experiences on and off campus.

Want to hear more about social issues at UWC? Wondering how you can get involved in promoting civil rights? Just looking to read some good poetry and find out about interesting plays, stories and competitions?

Then why delay? Just click through toand start reading!

And for more information on the Imbewu project, or about the Gender Equity Unit, contact Glenton Matthyse at


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