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28 August 2015
iKamva Mobile Application: Access for the 21st Century Student

 Since our launch of the iKamva Beta (1.0) Android mobile application, 28 August 2015 a number of 2218 downloads have been recorded (time span of less than three/3 weeks).

This first beta release allows students to access their courses directly from their Android mobile devices. Students are able to access and view their online modules from any geographical space, where internet connectivity is available. 

Hence, students are able to:

- View announcements,

- Engage in discussion topics, and

- View course resources (including Word, PDF, PowerPoint and Excel documents).

It should be noted that students are not able to edit or delete any content created by their lecturers within the online environment.

NB: Watch this space for the updated release of this Beta version (1.1).

Visit and download the iKamva mobile application at: