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Information: Zero-rated and data costs for the iKamva platform
 The CIECT team has tested zero-rated policies in relation to the iKamva platform. Below is a table depicting data requirements for specific Service Providers.


  1.  The student and lecturer - still requires a stable internet connection.
  2. To-date, only Telkom and MTN are zero-rated. Students will not be charged when they engage within the iKamva platform. However please note costs incurred for YouTube videos and other external content.
  3.  Vodacom (tests to-date, 1 April 2020): A student/user would require data on their device in order to log-in; and interact within the iKamva platform.
  4. Downloading and uploading content; creating and completing assessment tasks; and participating in a discussion forum.
  5. The ICS Department will send out notification regarding Zero-rated policies and specific Service Providers (once they are able to confirm with Vodacom and Cell C).