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Introduction to Online Recruitment for UWC

Introduction to Online Recruitment for UWC

The UWC HR Department is introducing an online recruitment (e-Recruitment system). The vision of this system is to provide an online platform where job vacancies can be advertised, viewed and applied for, in order to enhance the recruitment and selection process thereby increasing the level of responses to vacancies. With support from a specialist service provider, UWC is in the process of implementing a highly efficient e-Recruitment system, HR Smart.

Why E-Recruitment?

The current recruitment and selection administration process is manual and time-consuming.

Fundamentally, online recruitment automates the recruitment & selection process and is particularly effective at getting high level of response.

The following examples illustrate some of the benefits and advantages of E-Recruitment:

  • Solve the issue of tedious, manual and costly printing, and administering of thousands of CVs.
  • Speed up the time to fill a vacancy, thereby giving the university a competitive advantage in attracting and responding to talent quicker.
  • Make it easy to identify candidates who have applied previously for vacancies at the university.
  • Smooth the progress of sharing talent across the university.
  • More easily build a talent pool to be able to source candidates for future job opportunities (database).
  • Facilitate data analysis to produce comprehensive recruitment reports.
  • Eliminate or manage significantly the exorbitant costs of job advertisements such as in a national newspaper, as well as unnecessary printing costs.

Where are we at?

The HR Smart e-Recruitment Project implementation is well underway. Back-office system integration and data capturing is in progress, review workshops are scheduled to ensure that the system is in line with the desired requirements and standards of the UWC recruitment process, and relevant training will be scheduled for those affected by the changes.

For more information on the HR Smart e-Recruitment Project, watch this space.

Alternatively, you may contact the following people:

Aneeq Kamedien (HR Business Analyst) 021 959 3160

Ntoza Bam (HR Project Manager) 021 959 3642

Jeanine Schroeder (System Administrator) 021 959 2104

To find out more about our service provider, HR Smart, you may click on the following links:

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