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15 June 2021
Invitation: GEEE (Global express, explore, exchange) Virtual Exchange programme
We are pleased to inform you that the Office of International Affairs at CHRIST University is offering a free virtual student exchange programme GEEE (Global express, explore, exchange).

The programme is a one-of-a-kind offering in which students and academicians from around the world are given a list of topics to come, engage in, and be a part of through the sessions, and jointly interact, express, and even put out their interests that will be showcased for a Global Audience.

Now that the globe is the virtual stage, the GEEE programme, with aspects of culture, cuisine, well-being, sustainability and community outreach, as well as aspects related to language, will remedy the lack of physical motion and offer participants a stage to show their videos or work on these subjects and more. Not only India but partner universities worldwide will interface with this programme, which showcases their deep interest in these events.

The process is attached for university students who can register for those programmes (we are looking at students who have a keen interest request not more than 12 participants from a university). We would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate with the faculties who wish to be key people of resources at these meetings based on their interests and expertise.

We also invite submissions for showcases, which you and your students may want to show to the audience through works, videos, presentations, student activities, or even if your students would like to come forward and share their presentations on the said topics via a prerecorded video or even a live telecast, which we will feature during the week of August 23-28.

Please write back to for questions and enquiries.