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14 April 2022
Invitation to Participate in Ghana to the World (GTW) Summer Programme
The International Programmes Office of the University of Ghana in October 2021 launched a new summer programme dubbed ‘Ghana to the World (GTW)’ Summer Programme. GTW is a three-in-one programme where participants study and engage in experiential learning through tours and volunteer work. Using the medium of interactive lectures that seek to immerse students in discussions on African centred topics and structured cultural tours, GTW tells the story of Africa from the perspective of Ghana, promotes cross-cultural immersion, and builds international peer networks all over the world.  
The GTW Summer Programme would commence in two cohorts from 3-30 June 2022 and  1–30 July 2022. Each cohort has a duration of up to four weeks and participants can attend one or both cohorts.  At the end of the programme, academic records and certificates of volunteer will be awarded to all participants that complete the summer programme. 
The University of Ghana invites your institution to participate in the programme.  We would be grateful if you could advertise the programme in your institution and send your students to study, tour, and volunteer in the University of Ghana.  

Kindly click on the link below for an application form to participate for the June or July 2022 cohort. Below is a clickable brochure of the GTW summer programme and information on the programme fees and housing options.



​​​​​​Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information at