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Legal Principles for Combating Cyberlaundering

The book investigates the problem of cyber laundering legally, and sets out why it is of a grave legal concern locally and internationally. The book looks at the current state of laws and how they do not fully come to grips with the problem. As a growing practice in these modern times, and manifesting through technological innovations, cyber laundering is the birth child of money laundering and cybercrime. It concerns how the internet is used for 'washing' illicit proceeds of crime. In addition to exploring the meaning and ambits of the problem with concrete real-life examples, more importantly, a substantial part of the work innovates ways in which the dilemma can be curbed legally.

Daniel joined the Centre in 2010 where he graduated with a LLM degree at the March 2011 Graduation ceremony. He was accepted into the Centre’s PhD programme and graduated with his PHD degree at the March Graduation in 2013. Daniel is currently working at a litigation department at a law firm.