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Mourning: Randall Titus

UWC Convocation mourns passing of Randall Titus

Randall Titus, twice-elected representative of the Convocation to the Council of the University of the Western Cape, suddenly passed away after a severe heart attack at 15h30 on 10 March 2014, which he suffered while at the University.

Randall was also a member of the Convocation Executive Committee and served on various UWC governance committees.

He was a leading trade unionist during the oppressive days of apartheid and was hounded by the security police, who constantly threatened and intimidated him. He remained committed to protecting workers and those in communities who faced the might of an oppressive state. Randall embraced the views expressed by Steve Biko: “It is better to die for an idea that will live, than to live for an idea that will die."

The advent of our new democracy did not dull Randall’s critical insights, and he was disappointed at the rising corruption of certain elements within the political elite.

Randall, who was a qualified boilermaker, is also a success story of UWC’s life-long learning programme, where he studied and completed a BCom Honours.

Randall was an ardent and uncompromising fighter for justice. For Randall, when there are permanent injustices, then he had a permanent obligation to oppose those injustices. He believed, as the great Martin Luther King said, that “the time is always right… to do what is right.”

Randall was also a lover of the classics - he collected many art pieces, books of poetry and music, and he especially loved the works of some of the world-renowned local artists.

His knowledge of sport and football marked him as an expert in this area of social life. He can be regarded as a sports historian and he has an extensive collection of sports memorabilia.

Randall attended the Anglican Church in Hanover Park, where he lived and provided community support.

Randall worked as an educator, an independent mediator, a consultant in the field of labour relations, and has provided significant support to workers who needed his expertise

He was a profoundly down-to-earth, modest man – and yet he was rich in principle and in the purity of heart in support of truth.

Randall, we your comrades love you and will miss you.

Rest in Peace, dear friend.

Brian Williams – President of Convocation