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28 June 2018
New Leadership for UWC Council

(Published - 28 June 2018)

The University of the Western Cape is proud to announce the new leadership of the University Council.

Yasmin Forbes is the new Chair of Council of the University of the Western Cape and Cindy Hess is the new Deputy-Chair of Council.

I am delighted by the calibre of individuals elected to serve - both the new leadership of the Council and the new Ministerial appointees on Council - notably, all accomplished women.

The new Council leadership brings with it a wealth of skills that strengthen the University's hand in achieving its strategic objectives.

New Council Chair Yasmin Forbes has experience across a range of industries including Logistics (railways, ports and pipelines), infrastructure related to logistics, marketing, digital platforms/systems, academic research, education and pension funds. She also has a proven track record of more than 35 years in the information communications and technology industry with both multi-national organisations and local system integrators. Her primary interest is in leveraging technology as an enabler for achieving business objectives and the further development of communities. She has been exceptionally successful at working with teams across multiple geographies, closing complex deals and inculcating cross-team collaboration. Forbes has been a UWC Council member since 2015.

“It has been my good fortune to contribute through Information Technology to corporate life. I shall be delighted and honoured to be able to encourage and augment that experience in a more formal educational environment,” Forbes said.

New Deputy-Chair Cindy Hess is an experienced executive, having held the position of chief financial officer at Pioneer Foods, Sea Harvest Holdings and Media24, and is currently serving as a non-executive director of RCL Foods and Sandown Capital Limited. A UWC alumna, Hess qualified as a chartered account in 1999 and has since served on several committees with both SAICA and IRBA. She is also a Choiseul Laureate, recognised as one of the top 100 young individuals who play a leading role in transforming Africa.

“I am very honoured to be joining the Council of the University of the Western Cape and to serve in the capacity of Deputy-Chairperson. This is an opportunity for me to make a contribution to the institution which gave me my wings when I graduated in 1997,” said Hess.

The University is also pleased about the Higher Education Ministerial Appointees to the Council of the University - Hess is a ministerial appointment to the Council, along with three other Council appointees who are all women. They are Ms N Mbulawa, Ms C Subhanni and Ms X Daku.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank the outgoing Council chair, Mthunzi Mdwaba, for laying firm foundations for the new leadership to build on, and for allowing UWC to thrive.

Mr Mdwaba wished the new leadership well in their new roles.

“Leaving UWC is probably going to be the toughest thing I’ve had to do, given the loving relationship I’ve developed with the University - its people, the community, the staff, students and management. It has been a huge love affair - but I could not have been leaving at a better time given the renewal that we have been working on for the last few years, and the governance that we have introduced, ensuring that UWC can rise to the occasion and become one of the greatest universities of its time.

“With two such accomplished and strong women leading Council, complementing our very woman-rich executive leadership, I cannot think of a better way of ushering UWC into the future, and into the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

“I wish them, and UWC, the best of luck, and the greatest of everything.”

I look forward to working with the new Council leadership, along with the executive and the rest of the University leadership, and wish them well for their new tenure.

Warm Regards,
Prof Tyrone Pretorius
University of the Western Cape