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PG Diploma in Sport Development
This one year postgraduate Diploma programme offers students and professionals in the field of sport, recreation, development and peace building a unique opportunity to acquire an in-depth training while retaining their current position.
This course offers participants the opportunity to challenge and further develop their individual professional vision, to acquire more intimate knowledge about the use of sport and recreation as a tool for development and peace, ranging from sport and recreation management to institutional and leadership issues and to know networks and key decision-makers and key personalities from various backgrounds.
With a strong developmental and cross-cultural emphasis, the programme addresses most relevant issues in the field from a practice-orientated perspective and at the same time critically examines the potential role and use of sport and recreation as a local and global tool for youth and community development, conflict prevention, social development and peace building. The course aims at promoting an educational process which will generate greater awareness and understanding of the complexities of using sport and recreation as a vehicle for such developmental efforts.
Admission Requirements
BA/BSc Degree or equivalent (at the discretion of the University)
All candidates should demonstrate a basic knowledge of the field of sport and recreation, development and transformation. Work or study in a multicultural context as an added advantage.
The course targets representatives from government, academia and civil society as well as practising trainers, teachers, community and social workers and facilitators from diverse backgrounds.
Duration: 1 year
Course Begin and Format
It will be offered in form of face to face contact time, self study and interaction via e-learning. Lecturers will start with e-learning, assignments and self study from January to July 2014.
Classes will be offered in 2 blocks of 3-4 weeks each in May/June and in Novemeber/December 2014.
For more infomation on the following and more, please contact Ms Bulelwa Manxiwa: or 021 959 3859:
  • Module and credit distribution
  • Exit level outcomes
  • Teaching and class format
  • Moderation and Assessment