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PopUp Bellville is open for applications!

PopUp Bellville is open for applications!

Pop-Up Bellville is an innovation challenge for UWC students across all faculties with an interest in social innovation and entrepreneurship.

You'll join a cohort of 40 students from across UWC who are interested in social change and are business minded.

You'll be placed in a team with four other students to tackle the challenge, with support from Innovate South Africa facilitators and the Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

You’ll attend three design thinking workshops to work on the challenge and one showcase event hosted by Innovate South Africa at UWC on Fridays, 2pm - 4pm. The dates to commit to are: 7 April, 5 May, 19 May and 2 June.

You'll learn creative problem solving and gain business start-up experience.

You will need to be keen and available to meet with your team outside of workshop time to further develop your ideas. Estimated additional time is roughly 2hrs/week.

You and your team stand a chance to win R10,000 to implement your idea in the Bellville community.


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