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11 February 2019
Process to Support Students with Allowances

(Published - 11 February 2019)

In a recent communiqué NSFAS Head Office has requested that all universities and TVET colleges should pay some allowances to eligible students directly into their authorised bank accounts. The accommodation payment, to registered landlords, will remain the function of the University.

To facilitate this new process, we request that ALL NSFAS eligible students submit/present the following to the Financial Aid Office Helpdesk, between 8:30 am and 16:30 pm from Monday to Friday:

  • An original bank stamped form verifying the bank account and account holders' details.  
  • Student card or South African Identity Document/Card.

 Those who submit the necessary documentation before 15-02-2019 can expect payment on 25-02-2019.

 The value of the allowance for February, as directed by NSFAS, will be the equivalent of one tenth of the total allowance. Allowances will be paid over a period of 10 months up to November 2019.  Please note the following:

  • The continuous monthly payment of allowances to eligible students will be subject to payment release and confirmation based on an agreed schedule with NSFAS.
  • The allowances will be disbursed to students using the EFT system.
  • NSFAS eligible students who do not have bank accounts are required to urgently open their accounts and present proof of original bank stamped forms, student cards and a South African Identity Document/Card at the Financial Aid Office to avoid any inconvenience, as funds cannot be paid to a different student or person.
  • Several banks are currently operating in the quad area in front of the Student Centre. To open an account, students are required to bring proof of address (some banks will accept proof of registration) and a South African Identity Document/Card.
  • Student Administration has set up a workstation closer to the banks in order to easily provide proof of registration when requested.

For any enquiries or additional assistance, please do not hesitate to visit the Financial Aid Office Helpdesk, or call 021 959 9735.

Released by the Financial Aid Office and Finance Department