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20 November 2020
Scholarship of Engagement Report 2020
Dear University community,
Through a series of courageous conversations I had with alumni, staff and students in 2017 and 2019, it became evident that community engagement and social justice are part of the DNA of UWC. Our Community Engagement Colloquia have reinforced this idea. We grappled with the principles of community engagement at UWC and adopted an integrated approach to community engagement, as opposed to a “soup kitchen” approach. In terms of this approach, community engagement should be integrated with learning and teaching and/or research. It, therefore, gives me great pleasure in releasing our first Scholarship of Engagement Report. Thanks to Prof Priscilla Daniels, Pearl September and CEU team for the hard work in collating the information and for Faculties who assisted them. It is clear from the Scholarship of Engagement Report that our research is impactful on our communities.
Warm regards
Prof Vivienne Lawack