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SRC & CHC Election Update

SRC & CHC Election Update - No. 2

Nomination of candidates for the SRC and CHC have been received from various student organisations and independents. The election staff are verifying these nominations according to the rules below:

5.4 Nomination of Candidates

5.4.1. Candidates (nominees) for the election and students who nominate (nominators) candidates must be registered students. 

5.4.2. As academic excellence is the primary goal of the UWC academic project, the University recognises that academic performance is a necessary practice for purposes of student leadership and governance. 

5.4.3. All candidates must comply with the following criteria: * Be a registered student at the time of the election * They must have passed 60% of the modules for which they were registered in the most recent June examination and have been promoted to the next study level from the previous year (not enrolment level of EMS faculty). 

[The spirit of this clause is to ensure a minimum level of academic performance by candidates in general and undergraduate candidates in particular and should be read with Clause 5.4.2. The "60%" requirement is clarified.
a. The modules referred to in this clause are the ones which a student HAD to qualify for AND write in current year's June examination and not the ones (year courses) which a student will write only in the forthcoming November exams.
If an Honours or Masters student had to write off modules in the June exam, these shall be considered.

b. If a student did not qualify to write the exam in a module because of his/her low Continuous Evaluation mark, that module/s will still count as a June exam module. 

c. Using a % rather than a number will cause difficulties in calculation. Should the number AFTER the decimal point be > or = 5, the number then takes on the higher value, e.g., 5,7 = 6; 5,5 = 6; 5,4 = 5. 

d. The following figures will be applied: 

Number of ModulesRatio
Number of modules for June
exam to pass
84,85 * Not have been previously found guilty and convicted of a criminal offence in a court of law. * Not have been previously found guilty and convicted of an offense by the University Student Discipline Court. 

The Provisional list of Candidates will be published by Thursday, 19 September, 14h00. Students can then lodge objections to any nominated candidate by completing the required form obtainable from the EMB election office, Student Centre, next to ABSA Autobank.

Winston Middleton & Dumisani Mathonsi