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9 December 2021
Student Access Permits - Inactive from 17 December 2021
Dear UWC Community,

Please note that all student/researcher/visitor access permits issued by the Return Task Team for 2021 will be inactive from 17 December 2021 at 16h30 (residence cards will be deactivated at 12h00 on 17 December 2021).

For students/researchers that will require access to campus (from 18-31 December 2021) for the use of laboratories only, please contact your Faculty by 15 December 2021.

Students wanting general access to campus during this period (18-31 December 2021) will NOT be approved for permits, nor for students wishing to remain in residence (students seeking residence accommodation must email by Monday, 13 December 2021 in order in order to get the list of Private Landlords for VAC period).

Wizzpass access will also be deactivated on 17 December 2021 and access to campus between 18-31 December 2021 will only be allowed on presentation of a valid permit.

A separate application process will be communicated on 22 December 2021 for students requiring access from 1 January 2022. Only vaccinated students will be considered for access in 2022.

Return Task Team