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21 September 2021
The 2021 Edition Career Update Handbook is here!
The 2021 Edition Career Update Handbook is here!


In this edition: 
We share students’ experiences using their award-winning Career Xplora portal to remain connected with UWC Careers Service and informed about recruitment events and we give you a glimpse of the cool changes coming to the system. We share stories of student and alumni endeavours into entrepreneurship and how they navigated the pandemic.

For current students and graduates entering the world of work: articles on how to prepare for, navigate and participate in the job search of this virtual world.

We remind you not to disengage with the labour market nor lose hope of finding your first job. Remain connected, take time to read about all the new innovations happening around you and you might just stumble across the next chapter of your journey!
Competition time!
Tell us what you enjoyed about the 2021 Career Update handbook and stand a chance to win some UWC Branded items!

Enter the competition here: 
  • You must be a current UWC Student or a recent 2020/2021 graduate to be eligible for this competition. 
  • Entries close on 30 November 2021.