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3 September 2018
The newly appointed Executive Director for Human Resources at the UWC plans to take the University to even greater heights.

(Published - 3 September 2018)

Mr Meko Ernest Magida was formally welcomed to the institution by Rector and Vice Chancellor, Professor Professor Tyrone Pretorius, on September 3, 2018.

Mr Magida - an alumnus who attained his BProc degree at UWC - has a career in human resources that spans more than two decades. The admitted attorney, who specialises in labour law, also holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of South Africa.

He is honoured to be returning to the University in a leadership role.

“I’ve come to a university that has set the bar high and it’s an opportunity for me to contribute to the intellectual knowledge and to assist UWC to move from good to great. Education is close to my heart and I am grateful that I am back at UWC. I was once a student at UWC and this is where I found my feet. I graduated with my junior law degree here at UWC and I was an activist here. When I started working I was a very active alumnus and I’ve also been very close to UWC, helping some of the indigent students in terms of finding them financial assistance,” said Magida.

“HR is a very strategic role. It’s about partnering and ensuring you recruit the best talent and enhance their ability when they’re here by motivating them to be able to do better and to take the University to the next level. HR is not just a support function. It is central to developing talent and to making sure we create excellence.”

Mr Magida has served as Executive Head of Human Resources at Golden Arrow Bus Services, and has held high level leadership positions in related commuter transport industry organisations. In addition, he is a Council member of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology where he serves as chairperson of the HR committee.

Professor Pretorius said the University is “excited” about Mr Magida’s appointment.

“His many years of experience will stand the University in good stead. He is taking over a very high-level, professional, functioning Human Resources team, so he has a solid foundation to work from,” said Professor Pretorius.

“The challenges that universities traditionally face have to do with professionalising the support services. UWC embarked on a deliberate strategy many years ago to enhance these services. I think the delivery of many of our Institutional Operating Plan’s goals in the academic and student terrains depends on having professional support services such as HR.

“Mr Magida’s appointment is a very strategic one for us. We hope that under his leadership an already very professional and competent HR department is going to reach new heights.”