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UNITAR-Training & Research Opportunity!

UNITAR-Training & Research Opportunity!

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is a training arm of the United Nations System, serving some 27,000 beneficiaries annually by conducting more than 400 capacity development and research activities around the world.  The Mission of UNITAR is to deliver innovative training and conduct research on knowledge systems to develop capacities of beneficiaries in the fields of Environment; Peace, Security and Diplomacy; and Governance.

As an autonomous body within the United Nations System, UNITAR is governed by aBoard of Trustees and is headed by an Executive Director. The Institute is supported by voluntary contributions from governments, intergovernmental organizations, foundations, and other non-governmental sources.

The Multilateral Diplomacy Programme has developed extensive experience in designing and implementing professional training courses for Member States around the world. Now using the Internet as a training medium, MDP brings participants and trainers together in a unique virtual learning environment. All courses build on UNITAR’s wealth of experience designing and implementing training workshops on diplomacy and multilateral affairs at the country and regional levels. 


The courses target mid to senior-level government officers in line ministries preparing for and/or working in a multilateral environment as well as staff of intergovernmental / nongovernmental organizations. It also targets entry-level and mid-career diplomats working in a multilateral setting. The courses are also open to students and professionals from the private sector.


All courses last between two to eight weeks. This corresponds to 5 - 8 study hours per week.


Courses are internet-based, moderated by senior international experts, asynchronous, and place an emphasis on online discussions and self-paced learning. The participants will be primarily responsible for their own learning over the span of the course. The course will consist of the following components:

•    Compulsory and optional reading material, intended to teach the basic concepts and principles of the lesson's subject-matter.

•    External links to additional books, articles, documents, and websites related to the lessons.

•    A glossary of terms provided as a learning tool throughout the course.

•    Quizzes and case studies at the end of each module.

•    A Community Discussion Board will be available for participants to post questions or comments visible to the instructor and other participants. This discussion board will be moderated by the course director and UNITAR.

•    Participants will receive a certificate after the completion of the course if they have a passing grade of 80% on both quizzes and case studies.


Instructors are selected from a roster of professional training experts and practitioners. On some topics, experts may be UNITAR in-house trainers or professionals working at agencies in the UN system, either at Headquarters or in the field. On other topics, it may be most appropriate to contract local or regional experts from government ministries, intergovernmental organizations, universities or non-governmental organizations.


Courses fees are between 500 to 800 USD per participant per course.

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