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2 October 2019
University of the Western Cape Fashion Show in collaboration with Wear South Africa 27 September 2019

(Published - 2 October 2019)

The partnership between the University of the Western Cape and Wear South Africa has unlocked an opportunity to host a world-class Fashion Show for students, by students!

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation has spearheaded this project on behalf of the university. The drive to have more South Africans to make a conscious effort to move towards wearing locally made clothing is vital to the life of the local textile industry still existing in the near future.  

This year the University of the Western Cape Fashion Show will take place on 5 October at the Main Hall. 

The textile industry in Cape Town has had to fight to survive in the global move towards mass imports from the east.  Wear South Africa is passionate about reviving the local textile industry and through this collaboration with the university, they wish to expose young people to the local textile and design industry. 

Their partnership now in its second year with the University of the Western Cape saw a group of over one hundred students from across various faculties; participate in an intensive weekend boot camp, as well as a 6-week program learning about various aspects of the local textile and design industry.  

The program culminates in a Fashion Show, which not only showcases the young talented designers, but the entire show is produced and run by the students themselves. The students are taken through a theory and praxis experience in the program which strengthens their overall employability once they graduate.

The WearSA store will give students access to local brands.

This year in addition to the intensive boot camp and the 6-week program leading up to the Fashion Show, an incubator retail store is launching on campus. The store will allow students direct access to the brands and students involved in the program with WearSA will get to learn about the retail aspect of the textile industry. 

Tickets can be purchased at the door at R50, and all proceeds of the Fashion Show will go to Rise Against Hunger. 

It would be great to share this showcase of talent, producing all locally made fashion with as many people as possible. So please do share the details of the Fashion Show on your social media platforms. 

Social media handles to tag:
Instagram: @ceicentre @uwconline @wearsa @awearsa
Twitter: @uwcentrepreneur @UWConline @awearsa @wearsa
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And use the following hashtags: #AwearSA #UWC #SewingCultures 

Event details: 
Date: 5 October 2019
Time: 19h00
Venue: University of the Western Cape, Main Hall

For interviews to further engage about the pioneering project, please contact Charleen Duncan Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation on 079 519 9558 or via email at or Tarryn Temmers Media Consultant on 074 3502590 or via email at