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7 May 2020
Update: Data Allowance For Students In Need – #NoStudentWillBeLeftBehind

(Published - 7 May 2020)

Dear Campus Community

Last week, we advised that in recognition of students' remote learning and teaching access constraints, the University requested that students complete a questionnaire that indicates data needs.

Based on the information gathered from the student needs questionnaire, the University will make the following data package available to these students:

  1. 10GB of daytime data per month; and,
  2. 20GB of nighttime data per month.

We have been able to negotiate the data packages at a reasonable cost to the University, thanks to the cooperation of network providers. However, we will only supply the data for three months, effective from 1 May 2020. That process is now well underway, with the purchase of the data having taken place on 1 May. Data has already been distributed, but there is a stringent validation of mobile numbers as the University is a third-party buyer on behalf of students. The data package will not be topped up by the University if you deplete your data allocation for the month.

It is important to note that we will only be able to make this data available to a maximum of 7500 students in need who responded to the Registrar’s call to come forward and communicate their data-related challenges. So far, more than 4000 requests have been received. Those who haven’t completed the form need to do so as soon as possible by clicking here.

The data provision is free for students and for the cost of the University. We are doing all we can to ensure that all students have access to the resources they need to succeed during these challenging times – ensuring that No Student Will Be Left Behind.


Manie Regal (CA)(SA)
Executive Director: Finance and Services