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Update from UWC Executive Management: 17 October 2016

Update from UWC Executive Management: 17 October 2016

A range of dialogues happened today among staff and students. We will collate the feedback from all of these dialogues to understand the range and diversity of views expressed by colleagues in the staff dialogues.

The Executive Management later attended the Student Mass Meeting as invited by the Student Representative Council. The student mass meeting took more than three hours; and during this meeting, Executive Management listened to the concerns of the students and the Vice-Chancellor provided preliminary feedback on the list of 40 demands. In providing this feedback, the Vice-Chancellor indicated the position of the University and the constraints of the University in meeting some of these demands.  

The students questioned the responses provided by the Executive and demanded further feedback on the resolution of their demands within 48 hours.

The conditions on campus are still not conducive for learning, teaching and working given the uncertainty around potential disruptions.

The Executive Management has, therefore, decided that the University will remain closed and we will monitor this on a daily basis.  Further communication regarding the examinations will be provided in due course.

It is important to bear in mind that the events on our campus are not unique to UWC and stability on our campus is highly dependent on what is happening in other universities across the country. 

We therefore urge students, parents and staff bear with us as we continue our efforts to resolve our institution-specific issues.


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