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24 March 2020
Urgent announcement with regards to students in residence.

(Published - 24 March 2020)

Dear University Community

We refer to social media communication earlier today, and in particular, a call for students to remain in residence.

Please note that based on the Presidential announcement, the entire University of the Western Cape will be locked down as from Friday morning. Our staff and service providers will be unable to provide any service to the University, and we will be unable to care for our students properly in the circumstances. We have thus agreed to finance transportation for all our students, at University of the Western Cape residences, back to their homes. This was an extremely difficult decision, and we accept that it is not a popular one.

The risk of students being infected by COVID- 19 is real and imminent. Without any medical, residential services, CSSS and maintenance and services staff being available to assist students, this risk increases exponentially.

We have a duty of care for the life and health of our students, and with all staff compelled to remain in their homes, we cannot provide this care properly. We have arranged buses to take students to their home towns, and will assist further in appropriate and individual cases.

We trust that all students and staff will respect the decision of President Cyril Ramaphosa and the implementation of this decision by the University management. We also call on parents and guardians to assist us in this regard.

Prof Vivienne Lawack
Acting Rector and Vice-Chancellor