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UWC Campus update-11 October 2016

UWC Campus update: 11 October 2016

Protest action continued today and students attempted to enter the Administration Building forcefully.  

Staff working in the building were advised to leave. It is, however, unfortunate that a member of the Executive, the Institutional Planner, was held against his will.  

We condemn this act in the strongest possible terms, especially given our expressed commitment to dialogue.

It is not acceptable that in a university setting students would hold a staff member against his will and use that as a condition for engagement. In particular, the conditions articulated by the students for allowing the Executive member to leave were firstly that the Vice-Chancellor address them and commit to a mass meeting on Monday. Secondly, that a scheduled meeting between the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Development and Support and the Student Representative Council (SRC) which was due to take place at16:00 should include the larger group of protesting students. The protesting students reiterated that this meeting should have a pre-determined outcome of a mass meeting on Monday.

This incident is deeply disappointing since we have in all our communications indicated our willingness to engage with the SRC and the broader student structures in multi-stakeholder meetings – an approach that we remain convinced will lead to meaningful dialogue and effective engagement.   

We are left with no option but to formally investigate the incident and decide on the appropriate action to be taken.


UWC Executive Management