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17 October 2016
UWC Campus Update - 18 October 2016

UWC Campus Update - 18 October 2016

On Monday, 17 October 2016, the Executive attended the student mass meeting in which the Vice-Chancellor provided preliminary responses to the list of 40 demands. 

The students questioned the responses provided by the Executive and demanded further feedback on the resolution of their demands within 48 hours. 

Meanwhile we have received an email earlier this evening from the group under the banner of #UWCFeesWillFall/ #UWCShutdown informing the Executive Management of the mandate from the 'movement and the SRC' to return to a student meeting tomorrow that should include Council and the Executive management. This 'mandate' will be discussed further with the SRC. 

We committed at the mass meeting on Monday to provide feedback within 48 hours and we will be sharing our detailed response to the 40 demands with the campus community by tomorrow, Wednesday 19 October 2016. Our response will include the way forward on the completion of the academic project as well as clarity on examination dates. 

Meanwhile, campus will remain closed for tomorrow.


Executive Management