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UWC Campus Update-20 October 2016

UWC Campus Update - 20 October 2016

Regrettably, protest action escalated yesterday on the main campus. Several buildings were set alight and incidences of lootings and damage to property were reported. Confrontations between police and students were also reported and some students were taken into police custody. Today, we received reports of threats issued to some of our staff. We condemn the violence in the strongest possible terms.

Council convened a special meeting today to discuss developments on campus and endorsed management’s academic recovery plan and commencement of examinations on the 7th of November as indicated in yesterday’s campus update.

Unfortunately, the media incorrectly reported the recovery plan as an “abandonment” of the academic programme. We continue to liaise with media houses to correct this inaccuracy. We would like to reiterate our commitment to complete the 2016 academic year.

We will continue to engage with the SRC and various university stakeholders to deliberate on the demands towards an amicable solution. Management will intensify its efforts to restore normality on campus and appreciates the guidance given by Council in this regard.

Please follow our online platforms, including the UWC website, for official and correct information regarding developments on campus. 

Yours sincerely

UWC Executive Management