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22 September 2017
UWC-EPE D/SPGS Showcasing Event

UWC-EPE D/SPGS Showcasing Event 21-22 Sept. ‘17

The DPGS (transition to) School of Graduate Studies (D/SPGS) invites you to participate in any OR all of the many 1-hour workshops on offer during our upcoming UWC-EPE postgraduate capacity building event from 21-22 September 2017.

The D/SPGS has been part of the ongoing Enhancing Postgraduate Environments (EPE) project since its inception in December 2015 when 12 consortium partner institutions met for the first time at Stellenbosch University. The EPE project is a broad-reaching project that uses the strengths of the respective partners as a starting point for planning interventions that could enhance postgraduate environments. It is a collaboration between 6 South African Universities and 6 European Universities with the consortium project leader being Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam). The project is funded by the European Union and falls under the Capacity Building in Higher Education- umbrella of the Erasmus+ Program.

The UWC-EPE Research Impact Workshops will take place on 21-22 September 2017.  Don’t miss this opportunity to register for at least 7 of the 14 one-hour workshops on offer.  Each workshop can only accommodate 20 participants.  Thus to avoid disappointment - please register online for your specific workshops ASAP

To learn more about this upcoming event, visit the UWC-EPE Website, our Facebook page, Twitter page and the international EPE website.

Enrollment is open and closes on Monday 11 September OR when we are fully booked with 20 participants for each workshop.

When: 21-22 September  2017

Time:   21 Sept. 08:30 - 15:30

             22 Sept. 08:30 - 15:30

Where: School of Public Health: 21 Sept Rooms C & D and 22 Sept. Romms A & B.

Click here to enroll for your selected workshops per session