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25 June 2020
UWC Fraud & Corruption Policy: Taking A Stand For Integrity

(Published - 25 June 2020)

The University of the Western Cape is an institution of good governance, that upholds democratic principles and seeks to be transparent and accountable in all its endeavours. UWC’s Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy expresses these values, and promotes a culture of integrity.

Launched in 2015, UWC’s Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy is an important focus on leadership through values, ethics and integrity

Our policy’s values and principles are enshrined in UWC’s vision and mission. As stated in UWC’s vision, one of the primary concerns for the future is to use the University’s mandate to create and maintain a sense of hope for the nation whilst helping to build an equitable and dynamic society.

The policy takes a stand against fraudulent and corrupt activity and reinforces the existing systems, policies, procedures, rules and regulations of UWC aimed at preventing, detecting, reacting to, and reducing the impact of fraud and corruption. 

Our Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy has been developed as a pre-emptive measure to reinforce and protect the ethos, values and reputation that UWC upholds.

We require all stakeholders to act with integrity at all times, and to safeguard all our resources and reputation. Stakeholders are responsible for reporting all incidents of fraud, corruption, theft or internal irregularities as described in the policy.


Make The Call: The UWC Fraud Hotline

The toll-free UWC Fraud Hotline enables all stakeholders to report any university-related incident of fraud, theft, corruption or any other irregularity - and is administered by an independent organisation, to protect the anonymity of whistle-blowers. 

The UWC Fraud Hotline call centre is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Experienced call centre operators field calls in all 11 languages. All reported information is immediately captured onto a call-sheet and transmitted directly to a designated person appointed by UWC. Here’s how it works:

  1. Dial 080 131 3014 toll-free from any Telkom landline, phone or cellphone.
  2. Provide full details in respect to the violation (who was involved, what happened when and how, etc.).
  3. The operator will give you a secret reference number should you wish to make a follow-up call.