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26 May 2021
UWC Library 24/7 Learning Centre set to launch
Technological advances, among other things, have had many questioning the existence of libraries the world over. Yet, in South Africa, it remains a sanctuary for many – a safe space to study and learn. The University of the Western Cape’s Library Services is set to open a new 24/7 Learning Centre on 27 May 2021.

At the cost of R5-million, the centre is situated on the west side of the main campus and will be operational, under stringent COVID-19 protocols, after the university library closes at 23:00. A permit system will be in place to secure student’s access to the facility throughout the night.

Management and staff of the Library Services are excited that their plan for this 50-seater self-study facility has finally been realised. The modern centre has been described as an inspiring learning environment for students. It is characterised by a practical design that supports multimodal learning with bold colours and well-adapted lighting in line with the needs of the inquiring mind.

The new air-conditioned learning centre will be a sanctuary for students wanting to be fully immersed in serious preparations for examinations and tests. It is equipped with security facilities that include access control, cameras, and monitors.

Date: Thursday, 27 May 2021
Time: 10:00