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8 September 2021
UWC Library celebrates International Literacy Day
Literacy and numeracy are prerequisites for subsequent learning, and for reaching full potential in professional, civic and social life.  

Children learn to read so that they can read to learn - and fuel their imaginations.

The reality is that 78% of children in Grade 4 cannot read for meaning in any language in South Africa*. These children are likely to continue lagging behind academically.

Libraries help to develop the lifelong love of books and reading for pleasure. They also promote indigenous language publishing to foster South African literature for a literate society.

Clement Kotze, Education Faculty Librarian, invited Prof Carole Bloch (Associate Professor in Language Education) to provide some insights into early literacy development.

Please view the multimodal poster that has embedded audio clips from her conversation with three Education Honours students who are full-time teachers. We appreciate the contributions of Courtney Arendse, Anthea Carelse and Nolu Mdodu.

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