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17 April 2020
UWC thanks all donors who have donated to #NoStudentWillBeLeftBehind campaign

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) thanks all donors who have generously contributed to the University’s #NoStudentWillBeLeftBehind campaign. Your contributions will help our students finish the 2020 academic year.

The University appeals to the public to continue donating funds, laptops or similar devices, as well as data, to ensure that NO STUDENT WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. The University requires donations totalling R75-million to make the campaign a success. This week UWC has raised close to R20 000.

Donors have shown their support on social media and have urged others to lend a hand too. "I think this is a brilliant initiative. Please do share this donation drive with the entire UWC Alumni network," said one anonymous donor.

"I decided to support because I am a UWC Alumnus and received so much financial support to achieve my BCom (Accounting) degree. So this campaign gives me an opportunity to do the same for others," said Deidre Jooste.

Alumni who wish to donate funds or equipment can contact Niven Maree:

Corporates or individuals can donate funds or equipment by contacting Stafford Bomester:

UWC, in association with BackaBuddy, invites ordinary South Africans to commit nominal contributions of R20, R50 or R100 via the relevant online platform. Together, we can ensure that #NoStudentWillBeLeftBehind.

UWC has one of the lowest tuition fee structures in South Africa because we pride ourselves as a university that prioritises access for deserving students who otherwise would not afford a tertiary education. It is part of our ethos. Consequently, we do not have the resources that some of the more established institutions have at their disposal.

We wish to commence the 2nd term of this semester on Monday, 20 April 2020. We will orientate our staff and students to this type of flexi-learning, using a phased-in approach.

Efforts will be as inclusive as possible, with various ways of ensuring that the different categories of students, including students with disabilities, are catered for. The use of print media, PowerPoint presentations, flash drives, etc. will be explored.

While we strive for academic rigour to be maintained at all times, we seek to guarantee that all our students can begin the term on an equal footing. This is why we need your help.

Our movements may be restricted, but our collective UWC voice will never be. As a community, we can all make a difference in this extraordinary and challenging time.

For media inquiries, please contact Gasant Abarder on 083 294 6097 or