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17 April 2020
Vodacom, MTN & Telkom Mobile has marked iKamva platform as zero-rated

The CIECT team has tested zero-rated policies in relation to the iKamva platform. Below is a table depicting data requirements for specific Service Providers (17 April 2020).

NB: CIECT observed that the following service providers have marked the iKamva platform as zero-rated.

NB: Please read the detailed notes below the table, which provides information regarding ways of avoiding data costs.


 1.   The student and lecturer - still requires a stable internet connection to access iKamva.

2.    To-date, Vodacom, Telkom and MTN are zero-rated. Students will not be charged when they engage within the iKamva platform. 

NB: However, please note if you link/embed YouTube videos and other external websites from your iKamva module, students will require data (incur data costs).

NB: How can I embed a Youtube video within iKamva and avoid data costs?

If lecturers download a Youtube video OR create your own video; Upload it to 'Course Resources' in iKamva; and insert (embed) video in the Lessons eTool - Students will not incur data costs (if they use Telkom and MTN).

NB: Vodacom will be excluding rich media such as videos, skype, streaming, YouTube, etc. from zero rating as they have indicated are "heavy on the network".

NB: In order to meet the zero-rated guidelines for Vodacom, a lecturer can create a PowerPoint Presentations (PPT) - with embedded videos; upload into ‘Course Resources’ within iKamva for students to download. Students will not incur costs when they download the PPT file.

**Please refer to communication shared by UWC Library regarding Copyright clearance for online materials.

4.    The ICS Department will send out notification regarding Zero-rated policies and specific Service Providers (once they are able to confirm and test with Cell C).