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17 August 2018
Wear SA and UWC partner to make the ultimate fashion statement

(Published - 17 August 2018)

AwearSA! – #IwearSA – do you?

Cape Town, 17 August 2018 ­ - Have you ever done a wardrobe audit to see how many of the clothes you wear are made in South Africa? Have you ever considered why it’s important that you support the making of local clothing and textiles, beyond being fashionably dressed?

South Africa has an abundance of talent – from those whose creative minds conceptualise these fashionable designs to the people who cut the patterns, source the material, sit behind a sewing machine, source the retail opportunity and promote it.

The fashion industry is alive with a raft of entrepreneurial possibilities and this is what motivated the Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers Union (SACTWU) to partner with the University of the Western Cape’s Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, through the Union’s Wear SA initiative.

Together the parties put out the call to students on campus to help them stage a fashion show. More than 200 answered the call and attended a two-day bootcamp. Now, 129 of them are unlocking their burgeoning entrepreneurial skills by learning the practical steps of event management and staging, as well as matching budding designers with those who can stitch a dream together. Their efforts are supported by an on-campus marketing team who are spreading the word that they are about to launch the ultimate fashion statement – AWEAR SA!

None of the participants, who come from all year groups and study fields, have had experience in such a project and many had not met before. Now they are working together to discover tomorrow’s hottest fashion labels, and they have a strong message for the youth – buy South African made clothing and support your own country.

Each person involved in the fashion sector feeds an average of seven people. Our once proud fashion sector was decimated when the country opened its borders to cheaper imports. Cheaper clothes are often a false economy – they can fall apart on the first wash, but they also take away much needed jobs from those who need it – us.

So, check your wardrobe – see how much you have supported yourself and make the change – today. Buy a ticket to the Awear SA Fashion Show and check out the talent on your very own doorstep, and help start a movement that can spread the word across the country. Campus couture rules!

The Awear SA Fashion show will take place on the UWC Campus on 1st September 2018. Tickets are R50 each and all the monies raised will go to the UWC Ikamva Lethu Student Bursary Fund to help on-campus students who need a boost. Tickets are available at the UWC Administration West-wing building between the hours of 08H00 and 17H00, or please email: /

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