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24 June 2013
19th Annual National Congress

19th Annual National Congress

For the past two decades AMESA has been witness to and has, in diverse ways,  participated in the transformations of the school curriculum for mathematics, away from the apartheid-era curriculum to the interim curricula and on to the various  iterations of Curriculum 2005, including the current result of such transformations,  commonly referred to as CAPS. 

The relation between mathematics as a disciplinary field of research and what comes to be constituted as mathematics in schooling is almost always in a state of  tension, not least because the recontextualising of mathematics contents to schooling has never been a smooth process. Schooling is cut across by the interests of many important stakeholders, each making their particular demands on the mathematics curriculum, and usually in a manner that does not concern itself with the mathematical consistency and coherence of school mathematics. We recognise that schooling is an arena in which competing social, political, economic, cultural and civil interests generate distorting effects on school mathematics as they play themselves out. We also note that school mathematics is, nevertheless, obliged to strive to realise some degree of fidelity to the field of mathematics, and the ways in which school curricula, texts, teachers and students attempt to realise that goal  while themselves immersed in a sea of competing interests, generates a rich and fascinating world of human endeavour. The contents of this world are not always fully congruent with their counterparts in the field of mathematics, but that is not to be lamented because it offers us a context to study and appreciate the mathematical resourcefulness of those who contribute to the realisation of school mathematics in all its forms. The theme of the conference asks us to attend to the specific and peculiar ways in which mathematics comes to be constituted in schooling and how, and even to offer some ideas of why.

THE PROGRAMME  includes: 

Pre-congress workshops on 23 June 2013, 14:00?17:00: 

  •  Patterns, algebra and functions for Foundation Phase (Nicky Roberts) 
  •  Patterns all around us for Intermediate Phase (Agatha Lebethe, Gabeba Agherdien, Heather Collins) 
  •  Playing with geometry in the Senior Phase (Yusuf Johnson) 
  •  Geogebra for teaching and learning high school mathematics (Cerenus Pheiffer)  

Plenary addresses by the following invited speakers: 

  •  Zalman Usiskin (University of Chicago, USA) 
  •  Hamsa Venkat (University of the Witwatersrand, SA) 
  •  Peter Dankelmann (University of Johannesburg, SA) 
  •  Phadiela Cooper (Centre of Science and Technology, SA) 
  • Zain Davis (University of Cape Town, SA) 
  • Panel discussions on important issues in Mathematics: 

  •  Mathematics vs. the Curriculum: What’s the score? (Chair: Cyril Julie) 
  •  Mathematics teaching and learning in the Western Cape (Chair: Shaheeda Jaffer) 
  •  History of AMESA – Twenty years (Chair: Nico Govender)

Parallel sessions presented by participants, in the following areas: 

Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase, Senior Phase, FET Phase, and Teacher Education. 

The following presentation formats will be used: 

  •  Long papers (40 minutes plus 20 minutes discussion)
  •  Short papers (20 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion) 
  •  “How I Teach” papers (20 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion) 
  •  Workshops (1 or 2 hours) 
  •  Posters (Exhibited on a 1, 2 m x 1, 8 m board, for the duration of the conference. 

Authors should be available at certain hours for discussion.) 

AMESA interest group discussion sessions: 

  •  Curriculum Phase Committees 
  •  Mathematics Olympiad 
  • Mathematical Problem solving 
  • Writing and reviewing for AMESA 
  •  Mathematics Teacher Education 

Activity centre: Hands-on practical activities to enhance teachers’ and learners’  mathematical concepts. 

Exhibits and Maths Market: Vendors will exhibit and promote their products. 

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Members of the AMESA LOC come from a variety of backgrounds and include teachers, 

subject advisors and university lecturers: 

Aletta Loopuyt, Alwyn Olivier, Andre Lamprecht, Andrew Lewis, Anita Campbell, Bridget 

Cameron, Bruce May, Cerenus Pfeiffer, Cyril Julie, Desiree Timmett, Duncan Mhakure, Faaiz 

Gierdien, Gary Powell, Gasant Gamiet, Lesley Jennings, Loveness Mahwire, Mdu Ndlovu, 

Memory Dhiza, Michael Cameron, Monde Mbekwa, Neil Eddy, Rajendran Govender, Roland 

Fray, Shaheeda Jaffer, Sheena Rughubar-Reddy, Sibawu Siyepu, Stanley Adendorff, Zain Davis 


Submission of papers for reviewing: 18 March 

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Application for financial support: 30 April 

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