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15 September 2014
2014 Entrepreneurship Colloquium

3rd Annual UWC Entrepreneurship Colloquium

The Centre for Student Support Services (CSSS), in collaboration with the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI), and with the support of the EMS faculty, invites you to attend the 2014 Entrepreneurship Colloquium. This year’s event explores the concept of the Triple Helix in action. The event takes place from 15 - 16 September 2014 at the UWC School of Public Health. Local and international experts will converge at the UWC Bellville campus to present their perspectives relating to the notion of an entrepreneurial university, which is central to the concept of the Triple Helix.

The purpose of the Colloquium is to develop a culture of entrepreneurial development and support at university level in order to give students tools to confidently explore entrepreneurship and to contribute to the economy as job creators rather than job seekers. The Colloquium seeks to create a space where government, business and academics can collectively explore the role that they will play in developing entrepreneurial activity to re-direct the South African economy. UWC, understanding the key role of entrepreneurship in the context of stimulating small business growth, wants to position itself strongly in this space. Through the exploration of the Triple Helix perspective we want to address global and mega trends, and draw comparisons to the challenges that South Africa faces.

For more information, please contact Charleen Duncan on 079 519 9558, 021 959 9551, or via email at, or Tonia Overmeyer on 021 959 2299 or via email at

Date:15 - 16 September 2014

Time: 08h30 - 16h30

Venue: School of Public Health, Room 1A