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9 May 2013
Alumni 'Lead from where you are' dialogue: Pharmacists adapting to change


The School of Pharmacy cordially invites you to an Alumni Launch Function and Panel Discussion for the purposes of meeting and networking with alumni and creating a forum for sharing ideas and professional experiences with respect to adapting to change in the pharmacy environment.

Several legislative and regulatory changes have impacted on the pharmacy profession in recent years and these, coupled with shifts in social and economic landscapes are raising important questions around the future of the profession. Panel experts will address this topic from three angles:

•    Tapping into the strengths of the millennial generation graduate;

•    Practical implications of the regulation and control of herbal and other medicines, and

•    Opportunities for pharmacists in delivering value in health care.

Panelists:  Nadine Butler - Professor, Pharmacy Practice, UWC

                  Peter Eagles - Professor, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, UWC and Chairman, Medicine’s Control Council

                  Praneet Valodia - Executive Manager, Innovation and Development at Oncology Management


Facilitator:  James Syce - Professor, Pharmacology, UWC

RSVP:         By Thursday 2nd May 2013 at

Refreshments will be served.