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15 August 2014
Campus Recreational Activity Days

Campus Recreational Activity Days

UWC Sport Admin Department have initiated the campus recreation program that will take place on the 15 August 2014 @ 14h30 - 18h00(13h00 - 14h00 Registration).

This is an annual event, of which also form part of the university’s extra-curricular program. The objective is to emerge our students in a holistic environment, which is stress free from the norm and promote healthy life styles through sport and recreation. This event gives an opportunity for our opi-dan and resident students, to indulge in an environment which social interaction is paramount, instead of individual achievements (academic). Staff members are welcomed to participate and can  register on behalf of their faculties/departments or as individuals.  The event will take place at our basketball/ netball courts and surrounding sports fields.


We would like to offer our participants a sausage roll at the event. The closing function will be our major attractio of which medals & trophies will be presented.


Our main focus will be on fun & enjoyment and therefore the criteria in rewarding our participants will not only be on excellence, but also on fair play and sportsmanship. As an example, this will be in the form of vouchers, which students/staff can get a free massage, gym session, acupuncture, nutrition, assessment, etc.